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Tytan Group Newsletter 12 January 2018

12 January 2018

CES has come and (just about) gone, and there will be quite a bit of post show discussion about all the wonderful new releases as the empty paper cups get scooped up. One of the noteworthy releases is a scoop by Vivo. We say scoop, because everybody has been talking. dreaming. promising about this, and yet Vivo was the first to deliver. We speak of course of an in-display fingerprint scanner - that's right, you can have your whorls and twirls recognized right there on the screen. No need to fumble and fiddle behind -  or at the side - or bottom of the phone. Those who got to play with it, liked it, so there's one of the buzzwords for 2018 settled.

We, knew, did we not, that the automotive guys were going to have a field (road?) day at CES. You have to be looking at electric and autonomous if you have any scintilla of hope of being relevant in years to come.  Various manufacturers upped the ante with stunning concepts. Mercedes was there with their breathtaking Concept EQ that we've  featured before, but there were others as well, of course.
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New tech is of course not always strictly staid and functional - there is always room for the off-kilter crowd in the tech world. CES featured quite a bit of such, too. If a $16 000 talking toilet doesn't do it for you, then you could maybe look at a very lifelike snuggle buddy (with moving bits) or an augmented reality toothbrush that brings the fun back into polishing your pearly whites.
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We know the Germans to be efficient. In fact, Germanness is often the very metaphor for efficiency. When the industrious and clever nation tackles something like renewable energy, therefore, you know they're going to end up being good at it. In December they proved just how good. The country produced electricity surplus to requirements, and had to find ways to offloading some zap. They in effect paid consumers to use more electricity. Entirely self-sufficient with cost-effective renewable energy. That's any politician's dream.
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Yet another big company has succumbed to the lure of blockchain. Kodak, the once-iconic photographic company, saw its market share nosedive spectacularly when it clung to traditional film a bit too long in the face of the digital onslaught. The company does not plan to be one-upped int eh technology stakes again. It has created an image rights management platform that will allow photographers to derive economic benefit from their work. Photographers will receive digital currency for photos contributed, which will the the company's own cryptocurrency, KodakCoin. This provides an innovative licensing platform for photographers, still a demographic that Kodak is very fond of. Kodak is immersing itself more fully into blockchain lark, for in addition they're leasing out Bitcoin miners for a hefty upfront fee and a share of the profits. That's a guarantee of making money out of the industry, we'd hazard to state.
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We all know that  the early morning heave out of bed and the schlep to get yourself to work is not amongst life's unadulterated pleasures. All the more so when it is a frosty morning that would far more pleasurably have been spent under the covers. Add to this an iced-up driveway that gets you sliding uncontrollably towards your doom in the busy road, fortunately saved by an undignified crash into your mailbox. And your CCTV records it all for posterity. Our Wally of the Week had all of these planets in a lovely row, but at least he got viral fame out of the dreadful start to his day
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