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Tytan Group Newsletter 13 October 2017


13 October  2017

Last Sunday was World Octopus Day, and our banner of the week celebrates these fascinating, intelligent creatures. Most of us regard them as but a delicacy on the plate, but octopuses are in fact very smart, sentient beings.
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BlackBerry, as we've stated before, could at one stage do no wrong. Once the darling of the business community, there was a BB in every pair of yuppie paws. But events overtook it with some rapidity once the avalanche let loose, and the market proved again how fickle it can be. BlackBerry rebounded, tied up with a contract manufacturer, and defended its corner. It played to the purists with a number of physical keyboard offerings, but  now  they are pandering to the pure Android crowed with the  Blackberry Motion, a phablet sporting a huge 4 000 mAh battery, sufficient to start a diesel locomotive with, and an IP68 waterproof rating. This one could well be a player in the market, and we shall follow keenly.

It's Huawei's turn for a stint in the spotlight, this time in the guise of the Mate 10. Huawei is not holding fire on this one, going all out to claim the top trophy with the obligatory bezel-less display and enough features to make your eyes water. A possible direct stab at the Galaxy Note 8 comes in the form of a rumoured smartpen. This is not a stylus, mind, but a real pen that can write on pukka paper (remember that?), whilst transferring your doodles into the screen. The launch of this one should be interesting to watch and it's coming right up. 
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We've written about (and even punted a live broadcast of) SpaceX's foray into new territory (only slight pun), which is to bring the first stage of their rockets back and land them safely.  This is not only to fulfill little boy fantasies (although there's that, too), but  recovering the expensive first stage of rockets makes for cheaper space flights and quicker turnaround times.  This week, SpaceX successfully launched two previously-used rockets (only driven by a little old lady on her way to the shops), and recovered them again.  They envisage that with their proficiency and confidence growing, we could be looking at turnaround times as quickly as 24 hours.  The march of technology indeed.
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Dyed-in-the-wool gamers are, of course, very, very adept at pressing the buttons and twiddling the controls as their chosen vehicle races across the screen, creating mayhem or collecting trophies, as the case may be. An enterprising gamer went one further, rigging out a real-life Nissan GT-R so it can be controlled with a Dualshock PS4 controller. For most players, this would be a dream come true, and  apparently, it's all you might want it cracked up to be.
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Back to matters mobile. We are enthusiastic tootlers of the looking-for-your-thrills-a-bit-cheaper horn.  We do not believe that a budget(ish) smartphone is $500-$700 less useful or less presentable than a  current top-ranger.  YouTube reviewer Redskull collected his choice of the five best budget smartphones, and  it really makes you think. Think of it - you can buy almost all of these for the price of a single current flagship. Mmm, some thinking to be done.
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Parenting is tough, of that there can be no doubt, but we really, really think you've dropped firmly into Wally of the Week territory if you lose your three year old toddler and don't realize it until the next next day. The little one was having fun in a Halloween corn maze and kind of lost his way. Mom, quite unperturbed, went home and only realized the gravity of this the next day. Fortunately, by  then, Cory the Explorer had been found and been treated to some snacks and a complimentary movie by some kind souls.
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