Product Listing Policy

Stolen Property
The sale of stolen property is strictly forbidden on Wireless Association, and violates international law. Wireless Association strongly supports law enforcement efforts to recover stolen property that is listed on its Web site, and urges the prosecution of those responsible for knowingly attempting to sell such items on Wireless Association. Stolen property includes items taken from private individuals, as well as property taken without authorization from companies or governments.
If you see an item on A Wireless Association that you believe is stolen, your best course is to contact law enforcement immediately. Under Wireless Association’s privacy rules, our attorneys will provide important records about pending and past postings with an official request from law enforcement officials. Please inform the police officer handling the case that Wireless Association will be pleased to cooperate in the investigation.   
If you are concerned that the images and/or text in your item description have been used by another Wireless Association user without your authorization, or that your intellectual property rights have been violated by such user, please contact our service team.

Personal Information

Any tools or software designed to send unsolicited commercial email ("spam") will not be permitted.
Wireless Association does not permit postings that present personal information of third parties such as addresses and telephone numbers.

Non-business Information

Wireless Association is the online business to business information platform; personal and non-business information is not acceptable.

Posting an Ad for the Sole Purpose of Collecting User Information or Raising Money is the ideal site for business to business commercial transactions. Honesty and high ethical standards is what we represent. Postings on this site should clearly represent the item being sold. If your objective is otherwise, we ask that you seek out other avenues to carry on the business activity you seek to perform.

Unauthorized Copies of Intellectual Property

Do not list unauthorized (pirated, duplicated, backup, bootleg, etc.) copies of software programs, Wireless Association.

NOTICE: This list should not be considered exhaustive in nature and shall be updated on a continuous basis. If you are unsure about the product you wish to list with in regard to its appropriateness or legality, please contact our customer services department at
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