Watch out for scammers Alan and Lance

April 11, 2011

Lance Emerson of (alleged; can’t find info on the company) Wireless Distribution in Carson City, NV
Alan Williams of Two Inc. in Denver Colorado
Scammed me out of $3000 that I gave to them for “good faith” toward a deposit they were to pay to my supplier. The agreement, which Lance Emerson signed, was that I would put in 3K of the 30K deposit required for first time buyers. The agreement signed was that upon my depositing the 3K into the given account, which turned out to be that of Alan A. Williams of Two Inc.
Lance and I had been talking with each other for over a month before he did this.
When he sent me the account information to deposit the cash into, I had no idea it was the account of his “partner” Alan Williams
I contacted Alan to refund my money since it was in his account and he refused, Lance doesn’t even bother to respond to my emails or texts or phone calls.
I reported them both to the authorities in Nevada and Colorado.

They also conned an assoiciate of mine, that I introduced them; and some of his biggest suppliers into sending him product.
They both claim to be “big buyers” of phones, including the University iPhone program, Do not believe them, Lance sent me fake financials POF


By: Tracy Schnell – TS Int’l Trading Corp.

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