Wireless Association’s Start-up of 2015

January 28, 2016

The New Year has begun, and today we congratulate the many businesses within Wireless Association’s network that saw major growth in 2015. However, one start-up company in particular has caught our attention, due to its massive growth and superb innovation.

Thus, we’ve named SaharaCase, a cell phone case manufacturer based in Boise Idaho, our wireless start-up of the year. When SaharaCase entered the market of cell phone accessories just over one year ago, they had only one product with just 5 color options available. Today, they’ve expanded with 3 additional lines available in dozens of color combinations, and sales revenues that have increased threefold.

About SaharaCase

Although they’ve seen tremendous growth in such a short time span, their success didn’t happen overnight. The founders of SaharaCase spent more than 14 years in the cell phone repair and distribution industry before they decided to create their own unique cell phone case, launching SaharaCase.

Since their first product went to market in November 2014, sales have nearly tripled. Their rapid growth is attributed to stunning designs that combine functionality, quality and durability.

B2B Success 

Although they’ve seen the most success selling directly to consumers online, SaharaCase has seen potential in its B2B division. In this division, SaharaCase offers customized cases to organizations nationwide, where businesses can market their own logo on the back of the case. This is a unique way for companies to market their brand when giving away merchandise to customers or clients. In addition, companies that provide phones for their employees can also market their brand while protecting company cell phones.

The Retail Path

Now that the company has achieved exceptional growth, SaharaCase faces an exciting challenge in the months to come. The start-up is preparing to enter retail stores. By offering their cases in physical stores, the company faces the challenge of standing out from big-time competitors on retail shelves like Otterbox, Spidgen and many others. There’s no doubt their products are unique, but time will tell whether they can compete with these industry giants. Nevertheless, SaharaCase is doing big things. Congratulations to SaharaCase for their exceptional achievements.

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