Android top OS, Apple top Smartphone

July 28, 2011

Android reigns as the top smartphone OS in the US with a 39 percent of the market share. In second place is Apple’s iOS with a 28 percent, followed by RIM and others. Trailing the three top platforms, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 with 9 percent of the market, leaving HP with 2%, and Nokia  also with 2%.

Looking at the mobile industry by manufacturer, Apple is the only one making one smartphone with one OS, and still leading share among US consumers at 28%.  Other top device makers include HTC with 14% of Android OS’s and 6% of WP7 OS’s. Motorola holds 11% of the Android market, while Samsung 8%.

These latest results show a big jump for Android, a small gain for Apple, and a slump  for RIM, compared with March numbers when the three top mobile players had more even market share at around 28-29% each.  Android continues to gain ground while Apple prepares to launch its next generation iPhone.  RIM is stuck in neutral gear. Hit by weak sales  RIM is laying off 2,000 employees. RIM has been criticized for its heavy handed management structure, which analysts believe stalled their innovation efforts.

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