DumbPhones still rule the market

January 23, 2011

There’s a lot of people left to be converted to smartphones, which is something we usually forget.

Majority of people in the USA (not accounting for rest of the world) still use regular phones opposed to Smartphones such as iPhone, Android, or Blackberry.  This in part is due to expensive data plans that mobile carriers obligate you to have and the steep prices of the smartphone devices.  As dumphones are becoming extremely cheap, sometimes even handed out for free as a subsidy by carriers, smartphone have not dropped in price that much.  You take the data plan plus the price of the smartphone and you quickly realize that overall its an expensive machine to have.  Smarphones are basically computers in the palm of your hand and most of them have WiFi built it.  Carriers shouldn’t make anyone buy into the dataplan when some consumers rely solely on Wifi to access email and web.  Many workplaces, retail shops, and homes, have WiFi, and so a smartphone without a data plan can still remain as smartphone.

Until carriers change their business model, the dumbphone market is not going anywhere, anytime soon.

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