400% Online Traffic Increase!

June 23, 2009

Wireless Association Trading Floor

Considering the erratic economic weather, it’s rare to read stories not featuring a sad multitude of layoffs and drastic revenue drops, and we surely haven’t seen the end. We here at Wireless Association are ecstatic to report a 400% increase in online traffic since Q1 of 2009! More traffic for us means an important thing for you: A greater audience to market your products and services!

Wireless Association’s Trading Floor is an ideal platform to buy and sell cellular products, components and accessories on the simplest trading floor in the industry. Companies, worldwide and locally, market products to a global audience.

Instantly visible are clear and readable listings, links to each company’s personal profile and entire inventory listing, Wireless Association membership and verified status, and feedback ratings from customers and clients. These features help to secure future sales and make the cellular wholesale marketplace a safer and easier place to do business.

Search for top industry products or post your inventory to the Wireless Association Trading Floor, your gateway to the global market. Visit us at wassociation.com.

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